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​​​​​​​SUNDAY, 13 MARCH 2016 

The Challenge of Treating Depression in The Presence of Comorbidities
Industry Session Supported by 

​Chairs: Julio Bobes, Spain; Hans Jürgen Möller, ​Germany

Julio Bobes, Spa

13:20-13:45​The burden of somatic and neurologic comorbidities in depression
Riccardo TortaItaly 
​13:45-14:10Comorbid anxiety disorders and major depressive disorder: Where do we stand?

Hans-Jürgen Möller, Germany​

​14:10-14:35Agomelatine: a different management of depressed patients with comorbidity

Philip Gorwood, France​


Hans-Jürgen Möller, Germa​ny​

13:15-14:45 ​- Madrid Hall 
Adult ADHD in Your Clinical Practice 
Industry Session Supported b

13:20​ADHD in Adults 
Hilary Jones, UK  
​13:20-13:40 ​The differential diagnosis of adult ADHD
Larry Klassen, Canada 
​13:40-14:00​Panel-audience discussion forum
Recognising and diagnosing adult ADHD
Larry Klassen, Canada
Greg Mattingly, USA
Toni Ramos, Spain
Susan Young, UK 
14:00-14:20​​Treating adult ADHD – Elvanse Adult®
Greg Mattingly, USA
​14:20-14:40 ​Panel-audience discussion forum
Sharing clinical practice experience:
managing and treating adult ADHD
Panel: As above
​14:40-14:45​Closing comments
​Hilary Jones, UK

MONDAY, 14 MARCH 2​016 

​Management of Agitation in the 2​1st Century
Industry Session Supported by Ferrer 

Chair:Eduard Vieta, Spain 
​International Agitation Consensus: A new paradigm
Eduard Vieta, Spain 
​Let’s give voice to patients with agitation
Andrea Fagiolini, Italy
A new clinical approach based on therapeutic alliances
Andreas Erfurth, Austria​​

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