EPA 2015 Poster Prizes


The 23rd European Congress of Psychiatry (EPA 2015) has awarded the Best e-Poster Prize in the sum of 300 Euros each to the following e-Posters:

  • Empathy and Social Cognition: A Comparison of Schizophrenic Patients and Healthy Controls
    Eleonora Gattoni
    Prosperini, P.; Ballerio, E.; Gili, S.; Feggi, A.; Lombardi, A.; Gambaro, E.; Coppola, I.; Rizza, M.C.; Antona, M.; Binda, V.; Gramaglia, C.; Zeppegno, P.
  • The Genetic Overlap of Type 2 Diabetes and Depression - Finding From the Swedish Twin Registry
    Carol Kan
    Pedersen, N.L.; MacCabe, J.L.; Ismail, K.; Rijsdijk, F.
  • Signs and Symptoms Self-Monitoring and Psychoeducation in Bipolar Patients with a Smart-Phone Application (SIMPLE) Project
    Diego Hidalgo-Mazzei
    Reinares, M.; Murru, A.; Bonnin, C.M.; Vieta, E.; Colom, F.
  • Objective, But Not Subjective, Measures of Early Life Adversity Are Associated with Elevated Serum Levels of High-sensitivity C-reactive Protein in Middle-aged Men
    Sohili Lehto
    Elomaa, A.P.; Tolmunen, T.; Kauhanen, L.; Kauhanen, J.
  • Hunger and Satiety Signals in Anorexia Nervosa: Neuroendocrinological and Genetic Analyses
    Nicolas Ramoz
    Versini, A.; Grouselle, D.; Bonnet, F.; Pham, A.; Criquillion-Doublet, S.; Nordon, C.; Rouillon, F.; Epelbaum, J.; Gorwood, P.
  • Self-Face Recognition in Schizophrenia: Preliminary Eye-Tracking Study
    Catherine Bortolon
    Capdevielle, D.; Salesse, R.N.; Marin, L.; Bardy, B.G.; Raffard, S.
  • Assessing the Intensity and Frequency of Symptoms of Mental Disorders in Patients with Neurological Disorders
    Axel Ruttmann
    Schmidt-Kraepelin, C.;Zielasek, J.;Menge, T.;Seitz, R.;Hartung FRCP, H.-P.;Gaebel, W.
  • Cognitive Impairment and Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Adolescents with Perinatal Hiv Infection in Poland - Preliminary Results
    Anna Zielinska
    Pierowski, F.; Bielecki, M.; Coupland, U.; Srebnicki, T.; Brynska, A.; Marczynska, M.; Wolanczyk, T.
  • More Liberal With Mixed Features Threshold for Bipolar Depression May Be Not Only More Inclusive, but Also More Clinically Relevant  
    Won Kim
  • Anxiety Disorders and Physical Comorbidity: Increased Prevalence but Reduced Relevance of Specific Risk-Factors for Hospital-Based Mortality During a 12.5-year Observation Period in General Hospital Admissions
    Dieter Schoepf
    Heun, R.​​

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